Customised Product Applications

With our low inertia and complete design ownership we are able to modify our existing product solutions or design bespoke for you, and we can help to identify your requirements.

Component Test Rigs

FEAD, water pump, fuel injector, gear shift feel, tilt rigs, friction analysis spin rigs, brake testing, fuel dosing rigs.

Fluid & Air Conditioning

Cooling posts, oil scavenge, single cylinder circulation, boost air conditioning, combustion air, altitude simulators.

Production Test Stands

Complete test stand design to integrate with production line, pallet or trolley docking, match plate or quick connects. Fill and blow down, dynamometers.  Production software for traceability and report generation. 

Containerised Test Cells

We can offer prebuilt test solutions for E-motor, production test, gearbox and component test.  These offer a pre packaged, self contained and relocatable facility delivered ready for use with minimal site time.

Component Test Rigs​

It is often said that for every single engine test stand, up to five sub-component test rigs are required. To meet our customers’ specific requirements, our test rig solutions are generally custom developed. The flexibility of our CADET V14 Test Automation Software allows us to use our standard control and automation system on a scalable basis to ensure that our solutions are future-proof and can adapt as requirements develop over time.

Traditional “in-house“ component test rigs are becoming increasingly more difficult to construct due to time and resource constraints and scaling back of departments. Sierra CP can replace your departments, we take the base client specification and supply cost-effective solutions to meet nearly any application. 

Integrating modular frames and screens with motors or dyno’s, fluid heat, cooling and circulation and pressurisation as required. Test schedules can be created in a very flexible manner, with CADET controlling up to 64 different PID channels. We can also integrate elements that exist already and need to be incorporated.

Fluid & Air Conditioning

Sierra CP have an expertise in generating custom rigs particularly based on fluid and air conditioning.

Several of these original custom projects were ultimately developed into our products, the CAHU and the Boost rig were in response to an initial need that became essential for testing. Other requirements such as the single cylinder engine oil and coolant conditioning and circulation system are based on a theme, although nearly every application is subtly different, whether it be a different flow rate, temperature or pressure. We have built a reputation of developing unique test rigs for fluid and air projects incorporating clever control with robust, reliable and responsive hardware.

Recent products are the altitude simulators, providing low pressure environments and with sub-zero air outputs, and the high and low temperature conditioning loops for vehicle battery, inverter and e-motor testing. 

The accessibility of the engineers at Sierra CP ensures that you get the rig you need, we will engage and offer alternatives or  improvements when relevant to make your requirements into the best product possible for the budget. 

Production Test Stands

By utilising our powerful software suite and the mechanical design capabilities from our other disciplines, Sierra CP is perfectly placed to provide a production test solution for you.

All aspects of the production test system are covered. The infrastructure and cell services, building / structure / container, ventilation, exhaust extract, power cabling and fuel, external service such as chillers and blast coolers.

The internal equipment, conveyor / pallets, docking stand, dynamometer, conditioning systems, fill and blowdown. And the control equipment, CADET software with PTS (Production Test Software) component, barcode or RFID readers, test scheduling, data monitoring and report generation. 

Sierra CP have been involved in various different production test solutions, for combustion engines, gearboxes, and vehicles. They all have their own unique attributes and design elements typically to fit in with existing process hardware or from upstream design considerations, we will work with you to match up with these requirements to provide a relevant design.

Containerised Test Cells

Aggressive Product development lead times can dictate a different approach when building a test cell; our range of pre-fabricated test cells are built and fitted out at our factory, then can be easily transported to your site minimising site and potential downtime.

Whether your focus is E-motor, component test or adding extra production test capacity we have a solution to suit. All of our facilities feature the same high levels of safety you would expect in a traditional block built cell as well as the necessary services integrated into the package.

This enables re-location of the facility and to a certain extent re-configuration is possible within the bounds of the structure and the services specified.

Contact Sierra to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help you with your project and whether containerisation provides a more flexible solution.

Example Projects

Xtrac: Advanced Engine & Powertrain Transmission Test Cell Development

To support the future growth of Xtrac’s business they engaged with SCP to supply two test cells to enable EOL quality pass off and future development of existing and new products.

SCP designed and installed two new test cells each with multiple dyno’s which can be positioned to support a variety of test piece configurations.