Sierra CP has worked on high profile electric motor testing applications and have a broad selection of products and services available.

E-motor Powertrain

High speed e-motor dyno’s, road speed hub dyno’s, transverse and RWD gearbox testing arrangement.

Module Conditioning

Liquid and air conditioning units – low and high temperatures, thermal conditioned enclosures.

Battery Emulation

Variable DC output regenerative devices. Stand alone or integrated into drive system.

CADET Automation

CADET’s e-motor configuration enables control and data logging of dyno’s, battery emulators and conditioning modules.

E-motor Powertrain

Sierra CP have been involved in e-motor testing since 2006. Various configurations and test setups are available, direct e-motor testing typically with fast dynamometers directly coupled to the test piece. Multiple dyno solutions for EDU (combined motor/axle) in either 2wd or 4wd modes with multidrive regenerative circuits allowing the sharing of energy. Also road speed dynos for driving simulation and torque vectoring, including the integration with combustion engines if required.

SCP can provide solutions which allow the change out of components to switch between 2wd and 4wd, and add input dyno’s to simulate combustion energy into the test piece.  

Module Conditioning

Based on our experience of creating fluid conditioning systems for combustion engines, these have been successfully adapted for the various flow rates and conditions required. These can be multi component units, where conditioning is required to the e-motor, vehicle inverter and even the battery pack.

Dedicated solutions are possible to customer specifications, so just ask and we will provide a quotation. As well as fluid systems Sierra CP can provide air conditioned solutions for conditioning thermal enclosures, these can be sub-zero or at elevated temperatures.

Battery Emulation

Various titles describe this relatively new field, emulator, simulators or battery replacement devices. They are akin to inverter drives with regenerative or ‘sink and source’ capability, i.e. they generate power or absorb power. The absorbed power is either re-circulated back into the test circuit or regenerated into the electrical power supply.

There are several brands available offering battery emulation and Sierra CP is not tied to a specific supplier for this technology. Equally we can work with you if you have a specific brand you use or need to integrate to an existing device. 

Our software will interface with the emulator to keep the system safe, and integrates the DC setpoints with the test data.

External models can be run on dSpace or MatLab and the values streamed through the CADET software.

CADET Automation

You can use CADET to control your ‘Electrification’ test cell. Using the various CADET features of safety monitoring, test scheduling, independent PID loops, data logging and monitoring and 3rd party interfaces, all the pieces can be controlled in a prescribed manner. CADET handles all the interfacing with the dyno and drive and battery emulators either through CADET models or a external modelling suite using the pass through feature.

Coordination with the test cells services and their setpoints is possible. 

Example Projects

Xtrac: Advanced Engine & Powertrain Transmission Test Cell Development

To support the future growth of Xtrac’s business they engaged with SCP to supply two test cells to enable EOL quality pass off and future development of existing and new products.

SCP designed and installed two new test cells each with multiple dyno’s which can be positioned to support a variety of test piece configurations.