Emissions Applications

Sierra manufacturers the BG3 Elite Partial Flow Dilution system for use in diesel particulate sampling. BG3 Elite is a direct replacement to cumbersome full flow CVS systems in both heavy and light duty emissions applications. SPNS gives realtime number counting, our software products and interfaces coupled with precision support equipment complete the facility requirement for emissions testing.


Sierra CP can enable certification in your test cell using the TLS software component add-on to the CADET host. Precision instruments and performance facility services, transient dyno’s and sub systems all managed by CADET.

Engine & Vehicle Testing

The wide range of precision products developed by Sierra CP can be integrated into your engine and vehicle test cell. We adapt and evolve to provide the correct specification products to meet your testing requirements.

Analysis Instruments

We have a range of products for particulate analysis and exhaust gas flow measurement. Particulates can be captured for weighing using the BG3 partial flow sampling system or measured real time with the SPNS particle number. Real time transient exhaust flow measurement is possible using our exhaust trak low loss venturi device.

Calculations & Reporting

Sierra-CP developed T.L.S. (test laboratory system) to support CADETv14 software. TLS coordinates CADETv14 to run the test cycle, interface with the analysers and record data. TLS then runs the calculations and checks calibration of equipment, then post processes the data to industry standards and generates a report in the correct format.


Sierra CP can enable certification in your test cell by providing all the relevant facility services, sub conditioning modules, dynamometers, analysers and control and datalogging together, then using the TLS software component reports can be generated to the required standards. 

TLS manages and informs of calibration status of the various components and CADETs comprehensive calibration TAB keeps everything up to date and within limits this aids your traceability.

Emissions Certification

Engine and Vehicle testing​

The wide range of precision products developed by Sierra CP can be integrated into your engine and vehicle test cell.

We adapt and evolve to provide the correct specification products to meet your testing requirements. Whether these are facility equipment, the hardware such as dynamometers, fuel metering, combustion air conditioning, or cell ventilation standardisation we can keep you on track to get repeatability needed for emissions work. This means you know that the results have been influenced by your changes.

Analysis Instruments​

The BG3 Elite is a high performance next generation transient Partial Flow Dilution (PFD) system ideally suited for gravimetric sampling of engine exhaust Particulate Matter (PM).  Used widely for new engine research and development, the BG3 Elite is also used for engine certification work. 

More about BG3 Elite:

BG3 Elite is refined for applications requiring 47mm filter media such as Part 1065, and combines smaller, more precise flow control valves and flow measurement components with an upgraded pressure transducer suite to build on its industry-leading technology base.  BG3 Elite is the most widely used PFD systems boasting an installed base of more than 300 units globally.

Increasingly, regulatory activity surrounding solid Particle Number (PN) has become one of the more difficult challenges for engine and vehicle manufactures today. Manufacturers of, and researchers in, automobiles, diesel engines, turbines, exhaust after treatment systems, motorcycles and mopeds are affected. 

Partnering with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Sierra has commercialized a UN-ECE R49 and R83 compliant Solid Particle Number System (SPNS) utilizing SwRI patented high-efficiency Catalytic Stripper Technology (1).

The system is brand named Sierra SPNS Elite™ and is the only patented (US 6,796,165) R49-compliant PN certification-grade system available.  The system is specifically engineered to enable testing with either partial or full flow systems to yield simultaneously sampled PM and PN results that are fully compliant with all current and anticipated PM and PN regulations. The system measures particulate concentration down to 23nm with future versions to 10nm. Sierra has licensed the SPNS technology from SwRI.

Calculations and Report Generation

Originally developed and implemented with a leading global engine manufacturer as a productivity tool, TLS (Test Laboratory System) is now used by several of our customers. TLS integrates seamlessly with CADET V14 to enhance efficiency and capability by providing a complete solution for configuring and running tests, performing pre and post test data entry, automatically performing emissions calculations according to the regulatory standards, generating emissions calculations reports and much more.

TLS is an innovative software solution developed for test engineers to support and manage engine, vehicle and component testing operations. The versatility of the TLS architecture and its data management structure allows prescribed regulatory tests and custom procedural or manual style testing to be accomplished within a single working environment.

  • Developed for both engine and vehicle test applications 
  • Speeds production of data results and reduces development time
  • Client server architecture allows sharing of data within the organization
  • Extensive library of global emissions regulations and calculation drivers
  • Fully configurable to suit organizational requirements
  • Extensive full-traceability calibration files
  • Excel based report generation using pre-prepared templates and layouts
  • Supports automatic operation

Example Projects

Xtrac: Advanced Engine & Powertrain Transmission Test Cell Development

To support the future growth of Xtrac’s business they engaged with SCP to supply two test cells to enable EOL quality pass off and future development of existing and new products.

SCP designed and installed two new test cells each with multiple dyno’s which can be positioned to support a variety of test piece configurations.