H₂ Applications

Sierra CP has worked with OEM’s on several high profile H₂ installations, developing products and technical solutions in this exciting alternative fuel.


Let us assist in the design of your facility, working with your project team and sub suppliers.

Safety Controller PLC

This monitors and controls all functions of the test cell enabling safer operation and controlled shutdown.

HVAC Upgrade

For the new requirements for testing H₂ there are subtle but important changes needed to convert a conventional test cell into an H₂ compatible design.

Full Test Cell Conversion

Our H₂ design expertise coupled with our range of the specific products and hardware to deliver a turnkey test facility.


For the last 16 years Sierra CP has been involved in turnkey facility design and delivery. Generally this involves the physical layout of the test cell and the facilities and services operational within and around the test cell.

Sierra CP have taken this understanding and applied it to the complex world of hydrogen testing. Our engineers have developed a range of products and strategies to enable the safe testing of hydrogen fuel within test cells.

Sierra CP will help you create a safe testing environment by the implementation of these strategies and techniques. Using our experience we will assist you in covering all the bases and getting the correct design and suppliers to meet your requirements.

Safety Controller PLC​​

Using our experience of designing and installing Safety Controllers for safe management of test cell access and operation. Sierra CP have taken this to another level with the design and implementation of a Safety PLC focussed on the key aspects of a hydrogen safe working environment.

The safety system relies on specific sensors for monitoring H2 levels within the test cell at various locations. There are also inputs from the sub systems such as ventilation fans and the host control system.

Sierra CP can design, build, install and commission the Safety PLC and sensors into the test cell for you.

HVAC Upgrade​​

Sierra CP have 20 years experience of supplying ventilation systems. For the new requirements for testing H₂ there are subtle but important changes needed to convert a conventional test cell into an H₂ compatible design. Elements of the test cell such as the air flow direction, extraction points, exhaust gas removal, sensor location and volumetric flow capacities are considered and specified according to the fuel flow expectations.

The air supply to devices within the test cell and whether items should be sealed or open. ATEX fans are generally used through out, and the flow rate and routing strategy is determined according to the current H₂ levels detected.

Sierra CP can adapt your existing test cell to become H₂ compatible, generally using the structure as is and the ventilation apertures that exist.

Full Test Cell Conversion​​

If you require a complete test cell designing and installing then Sierra CP can provide all aspects of the requirement. Including the design, DSEAR consultant, fuel delivery compound, supply manifolds and pipelines, fuel metering, incell distribution, blast panel assessment, ventilation flow rates and routes, exhaust extraction, dynamometers, instrumentation, extract canopies, sensor provision and locations, safety PLC design and implementation.

Sierra CP is a one stop shop for all the equipment and design needed for this new fuel challenge, so if you have a project requiring H₂ fuel, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Example Projects

Xtrac: Advanced Engine & Powertrain Transmission Test Cell Development

To support the future growth of Xtrac’s business they engaged with SCP to supply two test cells to enable EOL quality pass off and future development of existing and new products.

SCP designed and installed two new test cells each with multiple dyno’s which can be positioned to support a variety of test piece configurations.