ICE Applications

Sierra CP has a wide range of combustion oriented products to provide repeatable conditions for the customer product development, including altitude simulation, transient fuel metering and energy efficient test cell ventilation.

Research & Development

Our automation systems open architecture wide range of support products and high flexibility in deliverables specification, enables you endless possibilities and control over your testing opportunities.

Production Test Stands

Complete test stand design to integrate with production line, pallet or trolley docking, match plate or quick connects. Fill and blow down, dynamometers.  Production software for traceability and report generation. 

Quality Audit Test Beds

Utilising our product range we can provide precision testing for intensive auditing of products. Saving time with pre-conditioning modules report generation and flexibility of test cycles and instruments used.

Durability Long Term

Long term testing of components or complete assemblies, trackability modes in the software to enable .

Research & Development

Sierra CP technology has effectively grown as a result of the requirements of our R&D customers. Providing equipment that has high levels of adaptability and capability has been instrumental of the success of the company.

The open architecture of the CADET software platform together with our engineering skills in both mechanical and electrical disciplines generates cutting edge solutions to complex problems, working with you the customer to get the results you need.

Sierra CP have a range of unique products developed to solve challenging problems. We aim to make testing occur in laboratory like conditions, so repeatability and controllability are fundamental to the process. This ensures that the engineers know that their changes have made the difference, rather than anomalies form equipment.

We also allow you to dial in specific conditions and get the data that you want to analyse and assess. Our software products work with 3rd party systems, whether they are emissions or power analysers, MatLab or dSpace model environments or your own custom code. By having direct access to the actual software and commissioning engineers we can provide you with a powerful interaction and test setup. 

Production Test Stands

By utilising our powerful software suite and the mechanical design capabilities from our other disciplines, Sierra CP is perfectly placed to provide a production test solution for you. All aspects of the production test system are covered.

  • The infrastructure and cell services, building / structure / container, ventilation, exhaust extract, power cabling and fuel, external service such as chillers and blast coolers.
  • The internal equipment, conveyor / pallets, docking stand, dynamometer, conditioning systems, fill and blowdown.
  • And the control equipment, CADET software with PTS (Production Test Software) component, barcode or RFID readers, test scheduling, data monitoring and report generation.

Sierra CP have been involved in various different production test solutions, for combustion engines, gearboxes, and vehicles. They all have their own unique attributes and design elements typically to fit in with existing process hardware or from upstream design considerations, we will work with you to match up with these requirements to provide a relevant design.

Quality Audit Test Beds

This branch of testing is generally longer duration, several hours instead of several minutes and more comprehensive and involved than production testing.

QA testing was Sierra CP’s first venture into production type testing over 20 years ago, this was achieved by converting R&D multi functional test beds into more specific or targetted testing solutions.

The mounting solutions are more specified or fixed to enable swift setup of the UUT, the scheduling of the test cycle is loaded and the storage of data is more automated.

The testing schedule is usually more prescribed, with steps and settling periods between test points, once the data is captured it is filed under the relevant UUT reference number and a report can be generated with the pertinent information included.

Durability Long Term

Often the simplest of the test solutions with the least dynamic test schedules, durability work is still essential to product development.

By designing the elements involved accordingly, there are benefits to be realised, variable flow rate ventilation systems which can operating at reduced flow rates when appropriate.

Our CADET test system can be programmed with basic steps with multiple loops and nested loops.

A UUT can be referenced specifically, so that the test data is retained and follows the UUT when the test is restarted, this is typical where strip down and assessment of components is required, before rebuild and continuation of a test sequence.

Example Projects

Xtrac: Advanced Engine & Powertrain Transmission Test Cell Development

To support the future growth of Xtrac’s business they engaged with SCP to supply two test cells to enable EOL quality pass off and future development of existing and new products.

SCP designed and installed two new test cells each with multiple dyno’s which can be positioned to support a variety of test piece configurations.