Sierra CP has a wide range of powertrain solutions, from road speed dynamometers, test piece conditioning circuits, input machines and gearbox testing we create repeatable conditions for your product development, controlled by the CADET automation.

Multi Dynos & Inverter Drives

Road speed and input dyno’s with multiple regenerative inverter drive suites, each dynamometer can be controlled independently according to the test sequence.

Hybrid & E-motor

Combining our electric and combustion expertise with our portfolio of products we can reconfigure your existing ICE test cell to become hybrid or electric capable.

Gearbox Test & Development

Multiple input and output machines with recirculating drive suites. Fluid conditioning circulation loops and adjustable test piece fixturing. Motorsport, end of line or mileage accumulation applications.

Full Vehicle or Skeleton

Whether you are testing a full vehicle or a powertrain skeleton Sierra CP can provide you with the control system, dyno loading and vehicle hub mounting hardware required.

Multi Dynos & Inverter Drives

Sierra CP can provide you with highly flexible test solutions for all your powertrain testing needs.

These can be a combination of road speed output dynamometers independently controlling each wheel output according to the test cycle as driven by the engine or electric or combination power unit.

Independent control of the dynamometers provides torque vectoring to simulate cornering, and the test schedule can be derived from a real test vehicle data or a generated test cycle.

Sierra CP can also provide the input dynamometer for systems where the input power unit is not available or the use of a high speed input machines provides better control for specific testing.

Configurations to support different configurations where dynamometers and drives can be shared between test cells allowing 2wd and 4wd in different test cells, as a result removing the need to purchase all of the equipment for all of the test cells.

Hybrid & E-motor

Sierra CP can deliver you a brand new custom test cell or convert an existing test cell to operate with electric elements, as customers are converting their existing ICE test cells to hybrid or electric, with Sierra CP you can retain large parts of the infrastructure.

The CADET system is as flexible as ever and provides these new control strategies for you. Flexible specification of the additional components allows different dynamometers to be used for different tasks. High speed or high torque dyno’s coupled with multi purpose drive cabinets gives a wide range of testing capability from the test facility.

Combination inverter drives and battery emulators can be supplied to offer recirculation of the energy through the test piece. Alternatively where dyno drives exist independent battery emulators can be provided and conditioning systems can be retro fitted to test cells.

Gearbox Test & Development

Gearboxes and powertrains are a hugely important part of the vehicle. The testing of these has been a large part of Sierra CP work for over 20 years. Input and output

dynamometers allowing specific test cycles to be generated and run in the test cell, providing repeatable control and data for analysis.

Custom test cycles can be generated from on vehicle data and adapted with modelling features to focus testing on specific areas of interest. Whether the testing is a simple spin rig, loaded efficiency test rig or a complete test system with gear changes and shift force analysis sierra CP can deliver the test system you require. Conditioning circuits for gearbox oils and cooling fluids and pre-conditioning circuits to reduce test time.

The test solutions can be used for research and development (R&D) or end of line (EOL) testing with report generation and pass / fail statements and prompts during the test piece docking and undocking.

Sierra CP are constantly responding to customer needs, and recently developed a ‘slim’ twin motor concept that is extremely cost effective compared to an equivalent PM (permanent magnet) solution. 

Full Vehicle or Skeleton

Sierra CP produced our first full vehicle support and loading system over 15 years ago. This enabled a vehicle to be brought into the test cell, then by removing the wheels the hub adapters would connect the vehicle to the dynamometers to perform testing.

The original solution was 2wd with subsequent 4wd versions being supplied. The 4wd can also be operated in a 2wd configuration by selecting the relevant dynos. When in skeleton or non vehicle mode and an engine is not present an input dyno can be added to the setup to provide motive power, CADET controls all the specific dynos according to the test schedule being run.

Conditioning or cooling of the vehicle is usually using a variable speed head wind fan, when in skeleton configuration a cooling post – more akin to engine testing is used, whilst with an electric prime mover only the gear box fluids are conditioned.

As is normal with testing, sometimes the required conditions are not the optimal for the test piece, where limits and extremes are to be evaluated to assess the operation of the equipment and to prove out hardware and strategies with coping with these extremes.

Example Projects

Xtrac: Advanced Engine & Powertrain Transmission Test Cell Development

To support the future growth of Xtrac’s business they engaged with SCP to supply two test cells to enable EOL quality pass off and future development of existing and new products.

SCP designed and installed two new test cells each with multiple dyno’s which can be positioned to support a variety of test piece configurations.