Sierra CP Engineering Limited, a leading provider of test cell equipment and facilities, is partnering with the advanced propulsion R&I centre IAAPS – Advancing Propulsion to drive forward hydrogen fuel research.

This collaboration involves the conversion of four test cells at IAAPS state-of-the-art facility to be H2 fuel compliant. IAAPS specialises in developing advanced propulsion systems for various industrial sectors, including automotive, aerospace, marine, off-highway, and heavy-duty transport.

By leveraging Sierra CP’s expertise in test cell equipment and facility conversions, IAAPS will enhance its research and innovation capabilities in the safe development of new hydrogen fuel technologies. This expansion supports the wider mobility sector, spanning from fundamental research to the introduction of innovative products.

The £2m development project includes the installation of two custom hydrogen research cells and the upgrade of two existing cells to be H2 fuel compliant.

Professor Sam Akehurst, Research Director at IAAPS, emphasises the significance of the hydrogen test cells installation, which represents a major investment for IAAPS. “The new facilities will enable world-class research and innovation in sustainable, low-carbon hydrogen, fostering collaboration with industry, business, and academia. The transformative technologies developed in these cells will have a far-reaching impact, driving the transition towards a net-zero future. The expertise of Sierra CP in test cell equipment and conversions specific to hydrogen makes them the ideal partner for this installation. The completed project will enable the testing of H2 Fuel Cells and IC Engines up to 500kW and provide hydrogen research capabilities for evaluating critical H2 sub-components in a dedicated Hydrogen Research lab space.”

Sierra CP has been delivering testing equipment and facilities for over two decades, and in the past three years, they have focused on hydrogen fuel-specific test cell solutions. Their experience ranges from reworking existing test cell installations and utilising appropriate ductwork and equipment, to clean installations starting from scratch.

Philip Roberts Head of Applications at Sierra CP, expresses excitement about supporting IAAPS in this new development and playing a crucial role in delivering the company’s leading-edge H2 capabilities. “By providing high-quality equipment and support for this state-of-the-art facility, Sierra CP aims to drive vital innovation and progress in the hydrogen landscape. The partnership between IAAPS and Sierra CP marks a significant milestone in advancing hydrogen fuel testing and revolutionizing advanced propulsion systems in the industry, encompassing combustion, fuel cells, and related areas.”