Are you struggling to find the best way to test your battery solutions?

Sierra CP’s highly flexible CADET control and data logging system is at the heart of our solution for testing battery packs. This involves the integration and control of the BMS, thermal chamber, conditioned fluid loops, and cell safety systems.

CADET allows you to create the required test cycle, as well as pre-conditioning and initialising steps for the BMS battery system. Data collected from real sensors or comms channels such as CAN, Ethercat, or Ethernet can be stored in one place for future analysis. CADET also allows you to set points for battery volts and current, and use our safety PLC to ensure the test cell is run in a safe manner by limiting access or shutting down the system in a planned way if things move out of limits.

Plus, Sierra CP can help design and supply the room or container and associated services such as power distribution, ventilation, chillers, and pipework.

Get the best battery testing with CADET and Sierra CP – for more information click the link below or reach out to us and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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