Are you struggling to find the best way to test your battery solutions?

At the core of our battery pack testing solution lies Sierra CP Engineering Limited highly flexible CADET control and data logging system. It seamlessly integrates and manages the Battery Management System (BMS), thermal chamber, conditioned fluid loops, and cell safety systems.

With CADET, you have the power to customize the required test cycle, pre-conditioning, and initialization steps for your BMS battery system. All data collected from real sensors or communication channels, such as CAN, Ethercat, or Ethernet, can be conveniently stored in one location for future analysis.

CADET empowers you to set precise points for battery volts and current, while ensuring the safety of the test cell with our reliable safety PLC, which limits access or gracefully shuts down the system if any parameters go beyond limits.

Sierra CP offers comprehensive support in designing and supplying the necessary room or container along with associated services, including power distribution, ventilation, chillers, and pipework.

Get unparalleled battery testing capabilities with CADET and Sierra CP.

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CADET Automation