At Sierra CP, we understand the importance of delivering precise technical specifications without compromising on performance.
Introducing our largest CAHU (Combustion Air Handling Unit) to date, with an impressive airflow of 8,000 kg/hour.

Key Technical Specifications of this CAHU:

– 8,000kg/hr (1.85m3/sec @25C) of precision temperature-conditioned air.
– Consistent delivery of setpoint throughout the day and all year.
– Select your desired temperature setpoint between 20°C and 40°C controlled within 1°C of setpoint.

Also, from our comprehensive CAHU range:

CAHU units offer dynamic ambient pressure, temperature and humidity control, altitude simulation of low-pressure environments, and up to 8Bar Boost rigs for turbo simulation projects, providing versatile solutions for all your engine needs.

Say goodbye to unreliable atmospheric conditions and unresponsive air conditioning systems.

Upgrade to our precise and reliable CAHU units today and you will witness a transformative impact on your test results!

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