Behind every revolutionary automotive product, there lies an often-overlooked niche industry.

Sierra CP Engineering Limited takes pride in being a part of this sector, providing the equipment and facilities that empower automotive developers globally.

For over 40 years, Sierra CP has been at the forefront of the automotive testing solutions industry. Based at our headquarters in Malvern, UK, we design, build, supply, install, and support a diverse range of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software solutions. Our mission is to facilitate the advancement of automotive technology by offering state-of-the-art testing equipment and comprehensive support.

We understand the unique challenges faced by automotive developers. Whether it’s harnessing raw power, enhancing fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, or perfecting subsystem development, such as catalysts, bearings, lubricants, or fuel additives, Sierra CP is the trusted partner for many of the world’s leading teams.

Our journey began in the world of combustion motorsport, where we honed our expertise and developed a deep understanding of the industry’s demands. As the market shifted towards electric vehicles (EVs), we eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute to this transformative era. In fact, over 15 years ago, we introduced our first electric vehicle test solution—a groundbreaking hub dyno system that allowed independent control of each wheel. Since then, we have continued to innovate, creating an e-motor test system featuring a direct coupled AC dyno, integrated DC battery emulator, and climatic chamber.

Sierra CP’s commitment to innovation and adaptability sets us apart. Our flagship solution, CADET, serves as the backbone of nearly all our testing solutions. Developed and perfected in-house, CADET is a powerful control and data-logging hardware and software package. Its unrivalled flexibility and capabilities make it one of the most sought-after solutions for bespoke R&D testing requirements. With its unique open architecture, engineers can create and execute multiple control and monitoring scenarios in real-time, empowering them to drive automotive advancements.

The transition to hybridisation and full electric power has brought about new testing requirements, and Sierra CP is at the forefront of meeting these challenges head-on. We understand the importance of repeatability and controllability in the testing process. By creating state-of-the-art laboratories for our clients, we provide an environment where engineers can confidently observe the impact of their modifications, enabling incremental advancements that shape the future of automotive technology.

As the automotive landscape evolves, so does our commitment to innovation. We have embraced advanced motor designs such as permanent magnet (PM) motors, integrating them into our high-performance dynos. These motors offer higher speeds, lower inertia, and rapid response times, enabling us to push the boundaries of automotive testing.

Our expertise extends beyond e-motors. We have a comprehensive understanding of the four key elements of electric vehicles—the e-motor itself, the inverter, the battery pack, and the battery management system (BMS). We excel in thermal management, power delivery, charge and discharge rates, cooling flow rates, flow paths, and safety controls. Additionally, we seamlessly integrate gearboxes and final drives into our solutions, optimising torque delivery to the wheels.

The shift from combustion to electrification has brought significant changes to our testing facilities. We now embrace electricity as the new “fuel” in our test cells, resulting in reduced heat, noise, and unbalanced parts. However, new challenges arise, such as high-speed shafts and high-voltage electricity. To address these requirements, we offer a range of innovative products, including fluid conditioning circuits, thermal chambers with wide temperature ranges, safety access solutions with high-voltage sensing, and high-speed analysers tailored to your specific needs

In conclusion, Sierra CP understands the pain points and challenges faced by automotive developers in this ever-evolving industry. We recognise the need for robust, reliable, and cutting-edge testing solutions that meet the demands of hybridisation, electrification, and the future of mobility.

Our expertise, experience, and comprehensive range of products address the specific requirements of automotive innovation, ensuring repeatability, controllability, and accuracy throughout the testing process. Partnering with Sierra CP means unlocking a world of possibilities and empowering your journey towards automotive excellence. Trust us to be your reliable testing solution provider, driving you towards a successful future in the automotive industry.

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