Each valve is controlled by a high speed electronic actuator and an associated power module. There are several derivatives to the range that have been developed to meet your testing needs.

Use this high performance valve to adjust and simulate the effective pressure drop of the test bed inlet and exhaust system.

  • Transient air flow control
  • Simulation of exhaust system back pressures
  • Transient control of back pressures
  • Air filter restriction simulation
  • Altitude simulation
  • High speed response open to close in 150mSec

Air Valve

3” to 12” diameter

The valve is built from a water cut stainless steel flange body, this is then machined and fitted with a drive shaft, bushes and butterfly are fitted, the motor direct drives the valve shaft.

The power module requires a 4.20mA signal for 0-100% rotation positioning. Stainless steel mating flanges are available to couple to the rest of the air system.

Exhaust back pressure valve

3” to 10” diameter

This valve is all stainless steel and has a slightly larger tolerance around the butterfly to allow for thermal expansion and prevent jamming.

It can run up to 800C air temperatures. It is essentially the same build as the air valve based on a water cut flange body, but without the bushes to increase the working temperature. Stainless steel mating flanges are available to couple to the rest of the exhaust system.

This valve is commonly used to replace a full exhaust system, the pressure drop can replicate the system losses either statically or dynamically.

Remote drive

2” valves

SCP manufacture indirect drive valves for fitting into constrained locations where it was not possible to fit the top mounted actuator valves.

They are based on hygienic flange fittings and are machined from a solid stainless steel billet to provide a 2” internal diameter barrel. A drive shaft which mounts the butterfly and a top pulley are fitted to the body, pull-pull bowden cables rotate the drive shafts by way of the same high speed electric actuator and power module, except that these can be located remotely to the valve – up to 2 metres away using the bowden cables.

The valve can be offered with a plain bore or a stepped bore which provides a flat face for the butterfly to close against whilst still maintaining an expansion gap.

Plug valve

40mm diameter

These valves were designed to operate with high pressure boost rig projects. Up to 650C temperatures and 8Bar pressure needs controlling.

These are available in normal or high temperature versions. Flow range is variable and they are fast acting dynamic valves. The main bore is 40mm diameter with an approach from 3” diameter tube.

The valve turns the air through 90Deg with ports on the front and the bottom, the central core plug has a profiled inlet which provides superior control at high pressures with more tolerance of rotational positioning from 0-270 degrees.