Our engineering team has a strong focus on continually developing CADET automation performance software, now at version 14 (V14), to remain a world-class engine, vehicle and product test software solution. Meeting your needs has allowed for the development of CADET into the reliable automotive troubleshooting and performance tuning software it is today.

Covering a wide range of industrial applications, CADET automotive software aids in engine, motor, powertrain, production, emissions, vehicle, component testing and development. It is also the basis of our other stand alone products such as CAHU, BG3, SPNS, Exhaust Trak, Cell Ventilation and Boost Rig.


The software is designed, written, managed and supported from our HQ in Malvern, where the software team is based. This provides, if needed, direct access and support from the people who know the product best.

CADET enables your operational personnel to easily compile test programs, automatically protect the test facility against out of limit operation, record data during testing and analyse the data during or at the completion of a test.

Custom functions can be developed by the test engineer (using Visual Basic or C#) to run during the test, these can provide additional calculated data that is stored together with real data from the test bed, it is effectively a simple modelling environment.

The latest generation of CADET is a result of interactions with and requests from our customers and with input from our own engineers and by working closely with our many end users. 

Sierra designs and manufactures all our own electronic hardware and writes all pc based automotive diagnostic software in house, so we maintain full control of the supply and development chain.

Product Benefits

Your CADET system will be built to the channel count required by your project. Additional hardware can be added to expand the system and your CADET software can be upgraded at any time to accommodate these additional channels or any software component interfaces you may require for 3rd party devices.

Sierra provides backward compatibility hardware upgrades and a continuous software upgrade path. Changing between OS versions is cost effective and efficient. An extensive stock of hardware cards are also kept to support existing customers with older systems.

All service contract holders are issued with the latest CADET software updates free of charge, meaning that new features and enhancements are continually introduced in line with the ever-changing demands of the professional automotive test industry.


We believe CADET offers a truly professional and highly flexible solution for your testing requirements. We have been presented with numerous permutations of requirements and have provided solutions for all of these over the years. Hardware is custom designed from standard modules to meet the customer’s control and data logging requirements. 

Similarly, the CADET software interfaces to 3rd party devices required should be specified on order placement. Similarly, if special professional software functions or tests are required then they can be programmed on request. CADET is able to mix and match control and datalogging from different sources and channels receiving inputs from a comms based sensor and outputting to a real actuator for instance.

So whether your data is from a real sensor, CAN, LIN, EtherCAT, EtherNet, Serial, AK, Flexray, OBD/II,  ASAP3, Matlab or dSpace models, your inputs and resulting outputs can be configured.