We can supply single corner NVH rollers, 48” MIM (motor in the middle) and smaller diameter side motor products aimed at non emissions regulatory work or for motorcycle and 3 wheeler testing.

Driven by our CADET V14 CDS (Chassis Dynamometer System) our chassis dynamometers cover all certification, research and development requirements for cars, trucks, motorcycles, three-wheelers, off-road vehicles and treaded vehicles.

We also offer cost-effective upgrades to existing NVH testing stands (from other manufacturers), with new control and automation systems, thereby rejuvenating existing installations and prolonging useful operational life.

48” MIM

This mileage accumulation product can be either 2WD or 4WD with a wheelbase adjustment.

SCP can provide the chassis roller set, inverter drive headwind fan and the CADET chassis automation products. Motor powers are usually 150kW or 250kW per axle.

Wheel centring, tyre burst, floor plates are all provided.

Small roller with side dyno

Generally this is built around a 700mm diameter roller, the dyno is fitted to the side and torque is measured with a torque flange.

The roller and dyno set is built into a stand alone frame and supplied with a suitable inverter drive and a CADET chassis automation system.

These solutions can be floor mounted or located into a floor pit, they need less space to fit into than a 48” version.