Having the correct dynamometer performance is critical to the test bed providing reliable and repeatable results. We are able to provide you with numerous permutations of dynamometers offering different technology, cost or performance benefits depending upon the project requirements.

We have a preferred group of suppliers for dynamometers to offer the best mix of performance and affordability depending upon the application. However, we are not tied to specific suppliers and can provide or integrate with your chosen supplier if you prefer.


High speed e-motor testing where ultimately the UUT drives into a gearbox to reduce the speed to equivalence of a combustion engine or a more manageable speed. We are asked to test these at raw speeds. EDU where the e-motor and the axle are integrated into a single unit, Sierra will then provide the output dynamometers for controlling the road speed outputs.

Hub motors – where the electrical motor is fitted into the wheel itself or the driveshaft portion and the output is controlled at road speed. The dynamometers are connected to an inverter drive which enables the motoring or the absorbing mechanical effort applied to the test piece in line with the test schedule.


The CADET system will manage your configuration of the test equipment and provide a safe operating environment whilst controlling test schedules and parameters.

Test cycles can be developed within the CADET code or using the pass through feature, model data can created in a separate platform and ‘passed’ to the dyno’s to control accordingly.

With single or multiple dynamometers being controlled independently according to the test schedule.

Conditioning of sub systems can be integrated into the test schedule and used either to standardise or stress test components and the UUT.

CADET can be provided with a mimic.

Battery Emulators

SCP can provide you with a stand alone or an integrated battery emulator. These provide a wide range of operation typically from 30kW up to 1MW and 0VDC to 1200VDC.

With usual Sierra CP flexibility we can provide a switchable solution so the Battery Emulator can be connected into different test cells or even paralleled together to increase capacity, all controlled in a safe operating manner. 

The battery emulators are sink or source – regenerative capable, so the power is either converted into 3 phase electricity and fed back into the supply grid or fed to the test piece at the selected DC voltage level. 

If the integrated battery emulator and drive solution is chosen, then the power of the system is recirculated within the drive cabinet through the common DC bus and circulated through the UUT.

Air and Fluid Conditioning Systems

If you need air or fluid conditioning, either to maintain standard conditions or to test at extremes or operation then Sierra CP can provide one of our conditioning units.

  • These can generate either fluid or sir to the temperatures required.
  • Typical from -40C to 60C but higher temperatures are available upon request.