Transient, Steady State & Gaseous

With over 30 years of experience supplying fuel systems for fuel metering and conditioning in the autotest industry. Sierra has a complete range of  flow measurement, temperature conditioning, pressure regulation for liquid and gaseous fuels.

Sierra also offer bespoke fuel delivery – such as vehicle fueling systems and fuel additive dosing rigs. 

Sierra CP have a range of fuel solutions. Including fuel measurement – transient coriolis, gravimetric steady state., temperature and pressure conditioning, dosing and additive products. Fuel types can be gasoline and diesel, with additives and ethanol content. As well as CNG, LPG and H2 measurement. There is also a vehicle fueling system for chassis dynamometer mileage accumulation work, to keep the vehicle field on long runs.

If you do not see the product to meet your requirements please contact us to discuss as customisation is one of our strengths to deliver the products you need.

Transient Liquid Fuel

The FuelTrak Transient liquid flow meter for fuel is an innovative technical advancement to our FuelTrak Gravimetric meter because it enables continuous transient and steady-state fuel flow metering, as well as density measurement.

The flow meter totaliser utilises two measuring techniques to determine and confirm the fuel consumption of the engine: Gravimetric and Coriolis.

  • A high-speed, two-way valve controls the fuel flow through the Coriolis meter so that the fuel level in the gravimetric tank is kept constant.
  • The two measurement systems are linked together to attain the benefits each can offer, namely Coriolis at “normal” flow rates and gravimetric at low flow rates.
  • They can also be used to verify each other’s performance and operation for calibration purposes.
  • The gravimetric atmospheric tank offers constant delivery pressure to the engine – as Coriolis units can vary pressure according to flow rate – as well as spill back capability.
  • The transient fuel meter is offered in two sizes (100&300) to cover a range of engine sizes.

FuelTrak and other associated fuel hardware are controlled by our CADET V14 control and automation software and/or by our independent fuel controller.

Steady State Liquid Fuel

The FuelTrak Gravimetric fuel flow measuring system is a compact, high-precision instrument for measuring specific fuel consumption of diesel and petrol/gasoline engines.

The device has integrated spillback and degas capability, it is generally paired with a temperature conditioning unit.

FuelTrak’s wetted parts are all stainless steel and Viton, enabling standard reference and ethanol-based fuels to be measured without risk to equipment or carryover of impurities.

We offer this in two sizes (1000 & 3000) to cover a wide range of engines and applications.

Gaseous Fuel Measurement

Using a correctly specified Coriolis meter we are able to offer you accurate measurement of fuel consumption when operating with gaseous fuels – such as H2, LPG and CNG, this meter will be sized according to your required flow rate.

It can be installed into an enclosure with sensing devices if that suits your application.

Fuel Conditioning - Temp and Pressure

In order to condition your fuel temperature and pressure Sierra CP can offer several different products. Our FCU will condition the temperature of the fuel with both cooling and heating capability, using a secondary loop for the conditioning process fluid reduces the fuel volume on the system, conditioning of the supply, feed and return lines can be setup to optimise the system. We have two standard sizes to offer for different engine capacities. (1000&3000)

Pressure regulation allows you to dial in the delivery pressure that you require, using a pump with a broad range of delivery capability, you can change the pressure setpoint during tests or from engine to engine for development work or for different model testing. This removes the need for setting up engine specific pump sets every time a new engine is installed.

Vehicle Fueling

The FuelTrak Vehicle Fueling System (VFS) is designed to allow automatic and precise fuel delivery to vehicles under test on a chassis dynamometer or transmission test facility.

The system is suitable for most fuels – gasoline, alcohol and diesel/biofuel fuel types. FuelTrak VFS incorporates one of our precision fuel flow meters to monitor the fuel delivered to the vehicle. 

This eliminates the need for a vehicle to be removed from the test cell to be refuelled and is also ideal for mileage accumulation work where long test runs may be required including unmanned and overnight running.

The system connects to the vehicle fuel tank via the filler cap and has sensors to prevent overfilling, monitoring or totalising of fuel consumption or regular top up of fuel according to agreed schedule. If the vehicle allows then OBD feedback can be used to fill around the low fuel level.

Additive & Dosing Rigs

Sierra’s fuel dosing rig is designed to supply a continuous, precise, controllable dose of additive/additives to fuel for delivery to an engine or vehicle under test.

The system is designed to allow the dosant to be added in small quantities and reduce the need for constant manual handling and measurement of dosant.the system can be made portable to enable use in different test cells, and the dose concentration can be adjusted as required.

All wetted parts are stainless steel or viton.