Having won the prestigious 2015 Engine Test Facility of the Year award, the Intertek facility is now recognized as among the highest-specification, commercially available facilities in Europe and quite possibly the world.


Commissioned 2015

Milton Keynes, UK

The vehicle test facility project was part of a $9M investment to build state-of-the-art high-specification 1000 kW test cells and associated infrastructure.  All major civil construction was implemented with minimal operational disturbance of their existing operational test cells. 

The engine test site was originally the Tickford Powertrain Test facility, prior to an acquisition by Intertek. Upon completion, the new facility was operating 28 engine and driveline, powertrain test cells on a 24/7 basis on engines ranging from the smallest non-road engines up to the largest heavy-duty vehicle engines.

The facility has the highest capacity test services capability in the UK and caters primarily to high-output engines typical of luxury performance vehicles.

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Key Performance Features

  • Four new ECU mapping and driveline test cells to accommodate 1000kW engines with electric dynos up to 570kW
  • Self-sufficient in electrical power requirements during testing (on occasions is a net exporter of power to the national grid)
  • All cells are equipped with transient fuel conditioning & measurement 
  • All cells are equipped with CAHU’s for conditioning of the engine combustion intake 
  • Layout allows for removable panels for full driveline testing, including four-wheel drive by linking cells together
  • Nine fuels are piped to each cell from a fuel farm
  • Fire suppression by automatic CO2 drenching
  • Facility build allows for easy expansion for planned phase two expansion


  • Engine emissions
  • Drive-cycle simulation
  • Powertrain controls development, including hybrids
  • Transmission controls development
  • Full driveline durability
  • Engine calibration
  • Driveline dynamics/vibration
  • EV/HEV testing, battery simulation, traction motor dyno

Sierra CP Services

Sierra held a single-source contract for:

  • Facility design and build management
  • Equipment specification and manufacture, procurement and installation
  • Integration of equipment and facilities systems commissioning, and long-term maintenance and support

Sierra Equipment Used

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