Based around the 660kW Transient AC Dyno, Prodrive’s new powertrain facility at Banbury will help accelerate the development of a new generation of alternative-fuel and hybrid propulsion units.

SCP’s CAHU supplies the engine with temperature, humidity and transient pressure-controlled induction air as required – with low temperature mode, enabling the test cell to replicate a wide range of race track running conditions. The test cell equipment provides the ability to simulate near exact running conditions and replicate in vehicle transient operating cycles. Having a transient dyno is perfectly suited to powertrain calibration, durability testing and performance development.

The engine and powertrain elements are conditioned by the high performance ventilation system which is variable speed and temperature conditioned to allow consistent day to day temperature settings. Multiple function oil, coolant and fuel delivery and conditioning systems further enhance the precise nature of the testing that can be delivered from the test cell. Twin exhaust extract system with integrated silencing and back pressure control complete the system.

Key Performance Features

  • CADET Dyno automation and datalogging system
  • Transient race track simulation
  • 660kW AC Transient Dynamometer
  • Transient fuel measurement, temperature conditioning and pressure regulation 
  • CAHU for conditioning, pressure temperature and humidity levels of the engine combustion intake air 
  • Layout allows for engine, axle and full driveline testing, including four-wheel drive by unique grid floor system
  • Pre-conditioning of fluids to speed up test throughput
  • Wet and dry sump compatible
  • High velocity variable speed ventilation solution
  • Multiple modes for performance and maintenance and comfort
  • Plant services, Chiller and Blast cooler were installed outside facility in service area


  • Transient capable
  • Drive-cycle simulation
  • Powertrain controls development, including hybrids
  • Transmission controls development
  • Engine calibration
  • Driveline dynamics/vibration
  • EV/HEV testing, battery simulation, traction motor dyno future proofed

Sierra CP Services

Sierra held a single-source contract for:

  • Facility design and layout
  • Equipment specification and manufacture
  • Equipment installation
  • Integration of equipment and facilities systems
  • Commissioning and training
  • Longer-term maintenance and support

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