Optimising Testing Efficiency: Understanding the Impact of Combustion Air

Precision is paramount in the fast-paced realm of automotive motorsport & emissions heavy-duty vehicle testing.

Here at Sierra CP Engineering Limited, we explore the complexities of combustion air and its significant impact on test results. Whether it’s engines or fuel cells, the quality and conditions of combustion air are pivotal in defining performance, emissions, and overall repeatability.

Emissions Standardisation:

Meeting stringent emissions standards requires precision. Our commitment to adhering to industry-standard parameters ensures consistent and reliable testing outcomes.

Our Combustion Air Handling Unit (CAHU) maintains the exact conditions throughout the test, no matter what the ambient conditions are – CAHU conditions the air to negate the need for complex correction factors.

Preparation for Race Tracks:

Race circuits present unique challenges for vehicle performance testing. Our tailored testing environments, with lap-specific ram air simulation options, ensure vehicles are finely tuned for optimal performance in competitive racing scenarios, bolstering on-track prowess and dependability and providing a head start to engine optimisation on race day.

Our expertise extends to simulating diverse global environments, from cold and dry to tropical conditions to varying ambient pressure conditions facilitating comprehensive setup across varied operational settings.

Altitude Simulation:

High-altitude testing poses distinct challenges and opportunities. Our altitude simulation solutions faithfully replicate the effects of elevated environments, facilitating comprehensive testing without the need for costly field trips to high-altitude testing grounds. This empowers manufacturers to fine-tune engine performance and efficiency across varying pressure grades, from below sea level to high-level mining plains. Preparation for the low-pressure Mexico Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit can be simulated. The dynamic control capability of our products lends itself to altitude changes for instance simulating the renowned Pikes Peak Challenge hill climb.

Boost Rig:

A resurging testing requirement for fundamental research is using single-cylinder engines, these, as the name suggests, are a single-cylinder from a multiple-cylinder design. The single-cylinder unit does not have the turbo or supercharger from the multiple variants available. Our advanced Boost Rig offers precise control over charge air pressure, temperature and humidity conditions, allowing manufacturers to optimise boost pressure and airflow dynamics with unparalleled accuracy. Customers range from F1 clients to highway and marine engine developers. Enabling complete focus on their chosen research field in a simplified setup.

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