We Build Test Facilities

From mechanical layout, controls and software, to dynamometers and peripheral equipment, we’ll design and build every part of your test facility to your requirements.

Building best-in-class facilities

Everything we build is to the highest level of test equipment standards.

Extension of your own resources

When you work with us you get access to our entire team of experts and engineers.

Both architect and builder

Unlike many companies we fully design, build and install your entire solution.

Products adapted to your needs

We design everything we build, and we customise it each time to fit the client.

High quality support

We operate a high level of support for every customised product we produce.

Long term relationship

We aim to work with your for the long haul and support your development.

Best-in-class Equipment

We have a broad portfolio of successful test facilities that we have designed and built spanning over three decades. We are truly unique in that we own all of our technology IP ranging from test automation software and hardware to engine conditioning to fuel metering and emissions and analytical equipment.

End-to-end Turnkey Service

We Design

We work with your to produce a complete design plan of your solution and roadmap to completion.

We Build

We build the entire test equipment solution for you from the ground up, completely bespoke.

We Support

We fully train your team to use your Sierra CP test equipment effectively, and we support you.


Customised Products

Uniquely, we also design and manufacture all of the measurement and control technology used in each facility, they are our own products and when we plan your installation, they are customised to fit your precise specification and requirements. 

We do integrate other manufacturers’ technology when they are required in the plans, but using our own products as the foundation allows for rapid customisation and innovation in each project.