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This is just a selection of the full range of products we can build, and each product can be built to your precise specification.

Air & Exhaust Valves

Our range of exhaust back pressure valves and air valves are fast acting stainless steel butterfly valves from 2″ to 12″ diameter.

Altitude Simulators

Our customised systems that allow you to perform altitude simulation of combustion engines for medium and high altitude.

Battery Emulators

Emulates DC power from a battery. The variable nature of the device enables different battery pack configurations.

CADET Automation

Control, automation and datalogging for automotive testing, featuring dedicated I/O control and monitoring systems.


Conditions ambient air elements to generate a consistently accurate and highly repeatable supply of conditioned air to the engine. 

Chassis Dynos​

Our chassis dynamometers cover all certification, research and development requirements for a range of vehicle types.


Configure your core system with our latest hardware generation, designed to meet your needs for a distributed i/o system. 


Having the correct dynamometer performance is critical to the test bed providing reliable and repeatable results.

E-Motor Testing

To help tackle climate change, the majority of our clients are considering some form of electrification inclusion in their testing.


Sierra’s emissions test systems have been in official engine certification, DF tests and multiple independent studies since 2003.

Fluid Conditioning

Sierra CP can supply you with a range of fluid conditioning solutions. Whether this is for an oil or water glycol based process system.

Fuel Systems

Sierra CP have a range of fuel solutions. Including fuel measurement, transient coriolis, and gravimetric steady state.


We started designing and building our own air handling systems when we could not get what we required from the marketplace.

Robot Drivers

We manufacture a variety of precision robot drivers for use in a wide range of Vehicle, Powertrain and Transmission Testing.