Driven by our passion for constantly improving test cell data access, Sierra-CP introduces our third-generation I/O system.

Now configure your core system with our I/O modules over a high-speed field-bus network and deploy additional DACS modules as required.

Need to change your channel mix? Just swap out the internal plug-in modules to reconfigure for the ones you need.

Optimize test sequencing, data logging, control and user interface requirements when you couple your network with our advanced CADET Automation System.


Our latest hardware generation is designed to meet your needs for a distributed i/o system. Each module is stand alone but driven by decentralised clocks, so everything is perfectly synchronised. SCP employ a real time etherCAT network to provide this capability.

The SCP DACS architecture combines variable rate control and data acquisition to facilitate complex test scenarios and the generation of coherent datasets. Scalable deployment scenarios, plug and play operation, rugged build quality and a high reliability ethos give you excellent life cycle costs.

The modules can be used to extend the capability of an existing system or new installations.

DACS offers high  resolutions of 18Bit and update rates of up to 4kHz.