Simple Pedal Actuator

A simple pedal actuator, this is an actuator that is supplied with the adjustable drive rod, pedal clamp and the power module to move the actuator.

With the philosophy that simple sometimes is best, the range of travel of the actuator is set by manual potentiometers, these determine the minimum and maximum positions of the travel for each setup. Then the % position of this range is controlled by a 4.20mA setpoint from a controller.

If you need to control two actuators then simply buy two modules and control them independently.

Full Vehicle Control

For full control of the vehicle, use the complete robot solution, this consists of a multiple axis of movement, to control the gear shift and the vehicle pedals as well as the ignition or start/ stop system.

The various sub-assemblies are light enough to be positioned by one person. Actuator modules are fitted into the vehicle for the relevant test requirement, the modules can then be taught shift positions and any limits of travel for the gear shift or the pedals.

The drive cycle can then be programmed to allow the vehicle to run the test schedule. The main torso and pedal units are mounted onto the vehicle seat, avoiding the need for seat removal. Although the frame can be mounted directly into customised test vehicles if required. 

The main robot has 4 motion axis, clutch, throttle and select and shift for the gears. Add to this brake, key start, push button. And you have all the controls needed to drive your vehicle.

Other Configurations

Sierra CP can also provided a solution for column shift gear selection found in some automatic vehicles.

As well as vehicle robot solutions Sierra CP have also provided robot actuator sets for driving motorcycles, mopeds, quad bikes, snow mobiles and auto rickshaw type 3 wheel vehicles.

These  can have unique combinations of gear, throttle and brake actuation techniques and requirements. Often a mixture of hand and foot based actuators.

Sierra CP can provide you with the relevant actuation set for this sometimes unique control challenge.